Pressing In

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We get in a church service, a Bible study with a small group, or by ourselves in our bedrooms and we wonder, “How do I go deeper? I don’t even know what to do right now… I love God, but there has to be more.”

These feelings of what to do next can be a driving point to deeper place if we know how to handle them. Spiritual hunger is that sense where we feel like we want to experience more of God. It can push us to new things in God, or, it can simply be frustrating. Good thing is, God’s okay with your frustration. He actually loves a searching heart.

The key is to not quit. We CAN encounter more of God. We can ALWAYS encounter more of God. He never runs out. He always has more mysteries locked up for us to discover. There’s always more love and more kindness and more faithfulness and more trustworthiness and more beauty that we can experience if we just don’t quit. The journey can get annoying and be really hard… but what if? What if we can really experience God like a friend? Not just a “friend” in theory, but “friend” in feeling, in emotion and in every other way we experience friendship. What if, we can press in far enough to be free from the anger that’s “just how we are” and that NOBODY in our family has ever been able to conquer? What if He really could tell us secrets that could change people’s destinies. What if we really could see entire communities transformed because of something we started when it seemed impossible, but He told us how…. WHAT IF?

Every bit of it’s possible. Every single bit. And much more. More than I can think of, or even dream. (see Eph. 3:20). That frustration of what to do to get to that place in God, is what I like to call the “deeps” of you. (I know, grammatical horror, but just go with it). Those deeps in you call out to a deep place in God. It doesn’t mean its comfortable, (at all) and it’s definitely not safe, but its real and it will take you to a place of unearthing treasure you to this point have only dreamed of- and then you get to go even further.

Now, lets shift back to that church service, or that Bible study, or that place in your room. WHAT DO YOU DO? Read more? Pray more? Close your eyes tighter and lift your hands higher? Ehhhh, kind of, but not so much. First, you’ve got to be convinced He will react to your seeking. Psalms 22:3 refers to God being enthroned on the praises of His people. That literally means to come and sit, or to dwell. I like to think of it as God coming to sit down in the living room with us. Its close, its intimate and its full of love. In Matthew 7:7, you see the promise that if you seek, you WILL find. Really, it’s all throughout scripture. It’s in His character as a Father to give good gifts and quite often that looks like what we want the most- the sure reality of Him showing up on our behalf. So…. once you’re convinced at least a little bit, then you just have to determine in yourself to “GO THERE,” despite what it may look like, or sound like, and regardless of what anyone might think. Is it a risk? Yes, in the sense of stepping out of a comfort zone, but no, because He promises His presence.

How do we “go there?” It looks like focus- like pressing in. Like shutting out all the other noise of our day, the distraction of people, or the tiredness of our wandering mind. Then, we can follow a Biblical model of getting to Him. (Really, He shows up a lot of different ways to different people because He wants to be with us and looks for ways to reveal Himself to us, but when we don’t know what to do, we can cling to the processes we find in scripture). We can cling to Psalms 100:4 which says, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise.” So, quite simply, we find something to thank Him for…. Once we do that, thanks will almost naturally lead to praise. “Thank you God for the friends I have recently gotten to know… wow Lord, you really are faithful to give us every relationship we need!” See that? You take a moment to find something good, focus on it, thank Him for it, then look at who He is through that lens. It’s not long until your spirit will be very aware of His presence. And He can’t resist coming and sitting down on that praise. From that point, praise can easily turn to worshipping Him. “Lord, you’re so faithful! Lord! You really do all things well! You are beautiful in all your ways! All of them! ” That too becomes a natural transition and then before you know it, the cares of this day feel a little lighter and you can FEEL Him. From there, just see what happens. You’ve already got your mind to a place of remembering how good God is, so now its easier to hear Him and to bring your requests to Him with the right perspective.

Suddenly, the deeps of you have unearthed a depth of God that’s refreshing and renewing. Reading the Word and praying and everything else looks different from the place of His presence. Let the deeps of you stir up and drive you to the place of pressing in for more.