February 2, 2016

You’ve been in a season where you’ve felt the “GO” of God in certain areas and as you’ve stepped out in those- it’s almost felt like the Lord was working against you. In these times you’ve grown and you’ve learned more of God’s heart because you’ve “had it out” with Him. You’ve had to deal with disappointment and hope deferred because you’ve given it your all and it has not worked out. Time after time you’ve thrown your planning, your effort, your finances and your prayers into what you’ve felt He has said to do and it has fallen flat.

Now the season has shifted.

We’ve transitioned out of a seven year period of misses and are now into a place of hitting the target. We’ve always heard that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity, but God is saying, actually, that’s what faith looks like right now.

“Your hope is back. This is a season of hope. And this isn’t just flakey hope. This is rock solid, undeniable hope. Hope has come, and out of this place of hope, HARVEST. It can feel like a child learning to walk again, but as you choose to do so, you are about to hit the ground in a full sprint. Get ready to run, and by ‘ready,’ recognize that I mean it’s time to lace up your shoes because we are walking out of the door of disappointment, and on to the path marked ‘acceleration.’ ”

“Thank you. Thank you for the way you’ve held on. Thank you for the way you’ve allowed me to align things. Thank you for the way you’ve asked me about what I’m doing and wrestled me until you got the answer. Thank you for allowing me to draw your strength from your pain. My strength is made perfect in that place.

It is time. Press forward with excitement. Hire the staff. Align the staff. Fill the gaps and open the doors for others to leave. You know what to do. Let’s do it. And for those who don’t know what to do, just do it. Walk, and as you step, it will unfold before your eyes.”

“If you’ll receive the season in the name of the season, you’ll receive the season’s reward.”