Wow! What a miraculous time we had in India! We visited Lucknow, India, the founding location of the Assembly of Believers Church (ABC). On Sunday morning our team of five split up between 3 churches. One church was having a ladies day, so Lorin and me went and encouraged the ladies there. I spoke on encountering the presence of God then we spent time praying for people. It was super powerful! God’s presence brought healing, strength, freedom and so much more.

ABC has a yearly convention called the United Fellowship Festival where the churches gather for times of refreshing in the presence of the Lord. It was amazing to see how the messages seemed to build upon one another to position thousands to be truly transformed. On the second day of the convention Pastor Jamie spoke on the types of praise found on scripture. The Indian people by nature are somewhat reserved and quiet, but God so moved that by the end we were all dancing, shouting and singing before the Lord! The faith level in the room was off the charts and it was easy to tell that God had started something fresh in the hearts of these incredible people.

I was asked to speak at the women’s service on the last full day of the convention. The Lord gave me a strong word about going to a deeper level of intercession. I taught about how we have access to mysteries in God and how we can press in to truly hear His voice and pray what’s on His heart. I loved being with these women because they we’re so hungry for God and responsive to what He was doing. The moment I asked them to pray, they prayed with power and anointing!

Our entire team was given many opportunities to bring encouragement and strength to the incredible people of India. We were able to connect them to other Kingdom- minded people and dreamed together about how God can use our church and many others to advance the work in India.