From January 20 until February 4, 2014, Amanda Fisher and FRS board member Allie Miller journeyed to Hidden Treasures Home (HTH), in the village of Shadi just outside of Fuzhou, China. HTH is a special needs foster home founded on the love of God.

Because of the Chinese New Year, HTH needed some extra hands on deck so we spent our days in an assigned room with the kids. Since we were in there day after day, we got to know the kids and learn from them as they so beautifully displayed the Father’s love. The Lord spoke with the revelation that “love works.” The kids seemed to be  growing and learning so much every single day. It was amazing to hear some of their stories and see how love has absolutely transformed their lives. God’s love changes us all and heals us in every way.


>> This is Jackson. When he arrived at HTH, he had water on the brain and the team was told he would never walk or speak. He was initially placed in the room they like to call “The Healing Room,” with children that have some of the most severe illnesses. In a short amount of time, Jackson experienced a radical transformation. While on walks through the village with a bunch of the kids, Jackson would even translate for me!  It’s hard to find this sweet, brilliant, beautiful, healthy boy without a smile on his face! He is a perfect reminder that LOVE WORKS!

I love this story that Allie shares about a girl she got to be with ever day named Amy:

IMG_4842<< “When Mike and Deena took Amy in she seized for 24 hours straight. The doctor told them that even if she lived she would never be able to do anything, but they knew that the love of the Father held very different results. Over time Amy progressed, and although the “diagnosis” is that she has Down’s Syndrome, you would never know it when you sit and talk to her. She is a brilliant communicator, and taught me so much from the moment I walked into the Toddler (a.k.a. Recovery) Room. Only days ago she was adopted, and is now with a loving family here in the states! Her life and so many others that we encountered are the proof that the love of God changes what looks like a hopeless situation.”

We had many opportunities to bring strength and encouragement to the leaders at HTH. It was our honor to serve them in any way we could. They were incredible hosts and made us feel so much a part. This was a wonderful, impacting trip where lives were changed forever- especially ours!

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